New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights (NYSER) 

is a statewide coalition of parents, concerned citizens and community groups, advocacy organizations, and school boards that seeks to ensure the opportunity for a sound basic education for all students attending public schools in New York State through policy analysis, advocacy, and legal action. 

Learn about the new lawsuit seeking fair funding for all New York schools

Recent Developments

Motions to Change Venue and For a Stay

The most recent court proceedings include the defendants' motion by order to show cause to change venue and for a stay and the plaintiffs' (NYSER's) opposition to the defendants' motion. To learn more, read the motions here. 

NYSER Plaintiffs Ask Court to Restore $1 Billion in State Aid to Education Immediately
The plaintiffs in the NYSER v. State of New York lawsuit have asked State Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez to restore $1 billion in aid due to school districts throughout the state immediately, even before the case goes to trial. To learn more, read our recent press release, the brief, and its accompanying affidavit

New Yorkers for Students' Educational Rights